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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  September 8, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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vis, who finds herself thrust in the spotlight over the issue of same-sex marriage. >> in other news right now, this friday marks 14 years since the 9/11 attacks. today, some congressional leaders came o to the city to hear about the issues we're still facing. jonathan dienst is here with more. >> more names. >> reporter: more names were being added to a memorial. the police commissioner warned the terror threat to the city remains heightened. homeland security members came to ground zero and heard this from the nypd commissioner. >> we face a greatly likelihood of attack than we have seen in years. >> reporter: al qaeda continues to try to plot attacks from
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overseas, while isis uses social media to encourage a lone wolf strike. the hearing today as the 14th anniversary of 9/11 comes this week. mayor giuliani on hand. he used the occasion to criticize the planned nuclear deal with iran. he warned past attacks that terrorists should be taken at their word. >> bin laden declared war on us. we weren't paying attention. >> reporter: peter king pressed fellow committee members to fund security measures for the region as well as health funding for first responders, many suffering from 9/11 related ed d illnesses. 21 new names added to a memorial wall. >> i'm sad to say the memorial wall we created will soon be too small because those losses continue to mount. >> the fire commissioner went on
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to stress there are 1,000 current and former firefighters now diagnosed with cancer. many cases believe linked to the work. the city of baltimore has reached a $6.4 million settlement with the family of freddy gray. a wong rongful death suit was filed. gray's death set off a series of sometimes violent protests and looting across baltimore. the mayor says the settlement is in the best financial interest of the city, and does not say anything about the guilt or innocence of the six officers facing trial. pope francis is making headlines today. he announced one of the biggest changes the church has seen in centuries affecting catholic couples who want their marriages annulled. >> the pope is not fast tracking
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divorce, but he's showing ing ing mercy is catholic couples. it is the latest grand gesture from the pope as a pastor of the people. he has decided to make it easier to have a catholic marriage annulled. >> basically, it reduces the bureaucratic, long bureaucratic process, and it makes the process a lot simpler. >> reporter: marriage annulments have long considered a perk of the rich who have the clout and the money to endure the process, which can take years. catholics are not allowed to receive communion. now francis is saying those who have serious reasons for splitting should receive mercy. >> it's a process where the church can offer understanding
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and listen to people's stories because no two stories are the same. >> reporter: in yonkers outside the church of st. john the baptist, a mixed reaction. >> i think it's a good idea because nowadays nothing we can do. people are separating. so what's going to happen to the catholics who are really not available for that kind of ruling? >> i don't fully agree with that. i believe that if you're entering into an engagement of marriage, you should plan that out ahead. >> and there are indications that conservative factions in the church are bristling. one other note, today's announcement by francis as well as his declaration about women last week about abortions comes before a major meeting, a senate of bishops in october. we're getting ready for the pope's visit here in new york later this month. we set up a special section of our website with everything you need to know.
5:05 pm the minnesota dentist who killed cecil the lion is back at work. a few protesters greeted walter palmer as he was whisked into his practice by a security guard. he has been laying low since he killed cecil. protesters say they want trophy hunting to end. other's came to palmer's defense. >> i was yelling coward. i was telling him to leave town. he certainly isn't somebody who i want in my community. >> crazy people who are out here calling for his murder is insane. still ahead on "news 4 new york at 5:00," a revealing i-team report. are medical savings costing lives? what we uncovered. a forest fire tears through
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acres in new jersey. what residents are dealing with and the big concern tonight.
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if you've noticed a smell of smoke in the air in new york
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city, this could be the explanation. smoke coming from new jersey counties. a forest fire is burning through 1,000 acres. >> reporter: well, chuck, right now that fire is 65% contained. tonight, ocean county health officials are urging people with breathing problems to stay indoors with the air-condition air-conditioning on to avoid inhaling the smoke, and it could linger into tomorrow as well. >> the air is real heavy and it smells. >> reporter: air hazy with smoke and ash falling on cars. smoke from this wild fire has been pouring into harold anderson's neighborhood in manchester township, which has a high concentration of retirement communities. >> i just came from the store and everybody was saying go back in. it is so much nicer in the store with the air-conditioning. don't come out. it's awful air. >> reporter: just under 1,000 acres in a remote section of the
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pine lands have burned since the fire was first spotted yesterday afternoon in woodland township burlington county. the flames then spread into manchester in ocean county. >> it kept getting stronger and stronger. when i went into bed, we had to close the window. >> containment lines are holding, and each hour that goes by we're making better progress. >> reporter: firefighters say the blaze is not threatening any homes, but extremely dry conditions, thanks to no measurable rain for at least two weeks, have made the battle against this fire especially challenging. >> the big dead fuels like logs, large branchs, they are completely consuming down to ash, so that's pretty dry. it's very labor intensive to put the fire out. you know, it takes a lot longer, a lot more effort, a lot more water, a lot more manpower, a lot more equipment.
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>> reporter: authorities are urging everybody to use extra caution. >> cigarettes out the window is a no-no. it doesn't take much to get the fire going. >> reporter: likely, no injuries have been reported. the cause of the fire is still under investigation, but officials say it does not appear to be suspicious. live in woodland township, new jersey. news 4 new york. thank you. storm team 4 dave price is in for janice today. welcome. >> thank you. >> is there anything you can do about this heat wave? >> i think can bring an air conditioner over to your house. we have high humidity and high heat. it's not going anywhere. that's for sure. a live look south. beautiful if you enjoy this warm humid weather. for so many people, you didn't expect it this late in the season, and number two, it really slows you down. it feels like july, but it is september.
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the last time we saw temperatures like this it was july 29th and it was 96 degrees. we are going to see some relief. soaking showers are going to begin the change the temperatures and adjust them to near normal conditions. we see a nice start to the weekend, but -- and it's a big but -- we have to get through the next 24 hours. all of these are our high temperatures for today, and everywhere we nearly set or tied a record. the only tie is laguardia and everywhere else. 93 the prior record in central park. up to 97 and 98 in newark. in most of the region, it felt like it was at or near 100 degrees. 97 where we topped it off. if you were looking to get some relief, you found it in west hampton and out on the eastern end of long island. up through the hudson valley, it was pretty much the uniform same story everywhere. summer has a grip on us. a lot of people have been
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walking around asking is it warmer this summer than it has been. if you're taking it by 90-degree days, we had about 30% more 90-degree plus days this summer than on average. if you look back at summer 2014, there's a very, very big change. so, right now outside, we're beginning to slow things down, dial the temperatures back just a little bit, but it's not going to feel great tonight. when do we get relief? that's most likely thursday. we'll see winds coming in from the north that should cool us austin down and rain, much needed rain. a little bit of rain coming out of the north and west. that'll stay in that area. as we head through thursday, rain in the morning and another dose in the afternoon hours should get us a very, very nice dose that we so badly need and will bring down temperatures. normally, we should be at 78 degrees as a high.
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75 is going to be our temperature tonight as a low. we're going to see some patchy fog roll in. we'll see a light southwest wind, but it is going to feel kind of stale out there. tomorrow, temperatures go down to 90, but humidity goes up. so it's still going to feel un uncomfortable. 91 in poughkeepsie. bridgeport, 87. an afternoon thunderstorm most likely restricted to the north and west. we'll see winds pick up to 5 to 15 miles per hour. check it out. one more hit, one more day, of these very warm temperatures. the 90 is going to feel between three and five degrees warmer, especially with all that humidity. we'll see sunshine, some clouds begin to roll in later. some showers to the north and west. heavy rains potentially on thursday, but a nice start to the weekend. next week, this is what september should be like. that's a quick look at your weather picture.
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turn on that ac and drink plenty of water tonight and tomorrow. >> dave, first you have to bring the unit over. >> there's a delivery charge. some breaking news now from union square. a subway station there. chopper 4 is over the scene. there's been a small fire. the fire has been put out. the subway service has been effected. there are delays on the n, q, and r lines. amazon is expanding its restaurant delivery service. it is called prime now. the company launched it last december in new york. today amazon announced that prime now is expanding to seattle as well. there's speculation it might move into a lot more cities in the fear future. amazon prime members can order food from restaurants without paying delivery fees. zblmplgs the show has a brand-new live format featuring the top
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trending stories of the day, feel good human interest stories. >> i was thinking of what you did today. you talked to steve harvey. you had an inspirational interview with him. you distanced to insync. i don't think there's a lot left. >> there isn't. there isn't. maybe a game. >> and you can watch "the meredith vieira show" every weekday at 4:00. all eyes are on the u.s. open tonight. two sisters. one just a win away from making history. what venus and serena have to say as they prepare to go head to head. coming up 6:00, should food carts be banned from the world trade center? here what new yorkers think about the plan to push them from the area. next at 6:00.
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hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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it is certainly the talk of the town. >> serena williams could make tennis history, but tonight her sister venus could derail her dream. >> reporter: there is really a buzz here around flushing for this match here tonight. we know the williams sisters are inseparable on the court. maybe it's appropriate that venus will play such a major role as serena chases the calendar grand slam. venus wishes she could play spoiler for her sister. no one knows serena williams like her big sister venus. no one poses more of a threat to serena's stake at history than venus. >> at the same time, you're focused on winning your match even though the circumstances are really much different than usual.
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>> reporter: the circumstances are pressure packed for tonight's 27th sibling showdown. serena has won six of the last seven. >> it's drama. it's shakespeare. >> reporter: outside arthur ashe stadium, fans sense this could be a match talked about for years to come. >> they know each other so well. they maybe get in each other's heads a little bit. >> reporter: it's clear everyone thinks one williams sister has the edge. >> i think serena's got it. >> i think serena will dominate again. >> reporter: the sisters last met at a major in the 2009 wimbledon final. they may be older but every bit as competitive. >> super intense. she's doing well, and she wants to win this and so do i. it's not easy. >> reporter: and you know that venus eager to win. she has her best chance to win a u.s. open here, but she'll have to get through her sister to do
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it. imagine the conflict that's going on inside her right now. eager to win herself, but see her sister serena get her shot at history. all that drama will play out tonight here at arthur ashe stadium in flushing queens. live in the only sliver of shade, i'm john chandler for news 4 new york. some breaking news. a shakeup at united airlines. the chairman is stepping down as chairman, president, and ceo. the fbi has been investigating whether united airline executives gave the port authority chairman special flights to his vacation home in south carolina and whether they were in exchange for development united. the investigation is ongoing, and united says it is fully cooperating with the government. right now, the i-team's jonathan dienst is calling his sources on this case.
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take a live look now at chopper 4. right outside our studio here in rockefeller center, all these people waiting for ellen, who is taping two shows tonight. a huge stage has been set up. you can watch "ellen" from new york thursday and friday at 4:00. david's here now with a look at what's coming up. >> we're going to have an update on governor cuomo's aide who was shot in the head. we'll have an update on the gunman. commuter confusion. tens of thousands of bus riders are having to reroute their routines. the i-team investigates medicine behind bars. jail officials are saying inmates are being left to die by the very company paying to keep
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them healthy.
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right now on news 4 new york, an aide to the governor caught in the crossfire. the man now fighting for his life as police continue to look for the shooter. that aide was shot in the head in brooklyn just hours before the west indian day parade. >> police are offering a reward for information leading to an arrest. we are in east flatbush with more on the victim a the search for the shooter. >> reporter: 43-year-old carey gabay continues t
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fight for his life, in critical condition. gabay dropped to the ground after he heard those shots fired. a bullet that would have hit him in the leg ended up hitting him in the head. wanted posters are up, a large reward as crime scene tape remains at bedford avenue and montgomery that left one of governor cuomo's top aides in grave condition. he is a harvard-educated attorney. he walked with his brother during a festival. police say gabay was caught in a gunfight between rival gangs. april, a young mom lives down the street in from the shooting.
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>> every year, it's how much violence is going to happen. >> reporter: we spoke to students just up the block about gun violence in central brooklyn. >> stop the violence. a lot of people dying over stupid stuff. >> more police? >> more justice.h>> reporter: april says there's bit of a feud between different communities in her neighborhood. >> i think a lry of west unioners say we're not the ones carrying guns. they're saying maybe it's the african-americans. >> reporter: there was other pre-parade violence. a 24-year-old man was stabbed to death. and during the parade, this man was stabbed and loaded into an ambulance. >> as long as you on't narc and say anything about what you see, people will respect that. people who do say something, the nail that sticks up will get hammered down as they say in japan. >> reporter: that mentality is exactly why there's a $12,500 reward for information that leads to the arrest of this gunman. people in rough neighborhoods, they're scared.
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they don't want to talk. they feel there's a threat there. this money is a big incentive. in queens, the nypd is investigating a fatal hit-and-run. it happened last night around 10:30 when the driver of a motorcycle lost control while coming around a bend on the belt parkway near exit 17. the driver and his female passenger were thrown from the bike. he suffered minor injuries. the woman was hit by two vehicles and died. police now want to find the driver of one of those vehicles, a white mini van that sped off. police need your help tracking down a thief in the bronx. security cameras caught the man in the red shirt w alkng into the elevator with the victim. the robber shoved him to the ground and took off. this was last week at a mount eaton apartment building. 1200 drivers who work for the bowman bus company have


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